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Crypto Raiders Newsletter 8/15

Crypto Raiders Newsletter 8/15

Game News

  • We have a big QOL improvement patch dropping this WENsday, 8/18! This patch includes
  1. Status Effects like poison are now stacked
  2. Fixed combat log for abilities
  3. Class description is now provided on hover
  4. Cursor on login screen text box shows text cursor
  5. ilvl and total stats are shown on item on all screens where items are visible (Character/Inventory/Appearance/Stats tabs)
  6. Fix to raider search and lazy loading for inventory for general game performance improvements
  • Other QOL improvements that will release in the next week
  1. Bugfix on click through menu to other raiders
  2. Class button sprite change
  3. Now possible to assign stats via text input rather than just via clicking the button
  • Our game design/testing teams are working through a stat rework, and the art team is preparing assets for the Fishing and Portwynn (Overworld) releases!
WIP Art of Portwynn Crystal Shard Altar

Community News

  • Please vote for our SXSW panel, Gaming 2050: NFT’s & Digital Nostalgia with Nick, David, Matt and Atari’s founder Nolan Bushnell! You can vote for our panel here.
  • Check out this great article on NFT interoperability using Crypto Raiders assets by one of our game designers, MZO.
Portwynn Lumberjack NPC

Twitter Followers: 28,652

Discord Members: 22,535

Economic News

  • There is currently $1.4 million $RAIDER in the solo staking contract, and $2.3 million in the four liquidity pools
  • Week over week change numbers were not included in this week's stats update since we took a few weeks off from the newsletter. They will be included in next week’s update!

Unique Holders Raiders: 5,774

Unique Holders MOBS: 1,603

Unique Holders Mounts: 528

Unique Holders $AURUM: 4,450

Unique Holders $RAIDER: 5,066

Floor Price Raiders: .0033 ETH

Floor Price Gen 1 Raiders: .03 ETH

Floor Price MOBS: .016 ETH

Floor Price Mounts: .0299 ETH

Current price $AURUM: $0.0036

Current price $RAIDER: $0.15

7 day Volume Raiders: 0.81 ETH

7 day Volume MOBS: .204 ETH

7 day Volume Mounts: .154 ETH