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Crypto Raiders Newsletter 6/20

Crypto Raiders Newsletter 6/20

Game News

  • The team has made significant progress on the UI for two new features in our upcoming July 1st patch, live PvP duels and class skill trees.
  • The team is continuing to polish and work on implementation of new features on the Unity build
  • Our game design team began laying down foundations for our September content release patch.

Community News

  • This week’s Council of Elders podcast will be postponed to Wednesday, 6/29
  • Lang1y has been working on a new video series coming out to help onboard new players to the game, with the first two videos dropping this weekend!

Twitter Followers: 28,936 (1% decrease)

Discord Members: 21,227 (1% increase)

Economic News

  • There is currently $1.8 million in the $RAIDER staking pool and $1.9 million in the four liquidity pools.

Unique Holders Raiders: 5,692 (1% increase)

Unique Holders MOBS: 1,601 (No change)

Unique Holders Mounts: 513 (No change)

Unique Holders $AURUM: 4,463 (1% increase)

Unique Holders $RAIDER: 5,115 (1% decrease)

Floor Price Raiders: .0083 ETH (7% increase)

Floor Price Gen 1 Raiders: .075 ETH (50% increase)

Floor Price MOBS: .03 ETH (15% decrease)

Floor Price Mounts: .048 ETH (5% increase)

Current price $AURUM: $0.0032 (16% decrease)

Current price $RAIDER: $0.19 (No change)

7 day Volume Raiders: 2.35 ETH (11% decrease)

7 day Volume MOBS: 2.1 ETH (59% decrease)

7 day Volume Mounts: 0.19 ETH (36% decrease)