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Decentralizing Crypto Raiders Music

Decentralizing Crypto Raiders Music

How we plan to decentralize the in-game music of Crypto Raiders to drive value back to musicians and composers.

Most of the Crypto Raiders community comes from RPG gaming backgrounds and we all know how essential in-game music is to the game. It sets the mood, gets you in flow, and give you the feels.

We have been strategizing the best way to build a beautiful soundtrack for our game and came up with an awesome idea that aligns with our core thesis: community-ownership.

What if instead of hiring composers and musicians to make tracks we think are great for Crypto Raiders, we allow the community to make these decisions and reward the best soundtracks accordingly?

Composers submit their soundtracks. The community votes on their favorite. We turn the soundtrack into an NFT that ANY game can use. We then auction off the NFT to the highest bidder, and the composer receives an initial lump sum.

But it goes deeper: The creator + the owner of the Crypto Raiders Soundtrack NFT will earn regular $AURUM rewards based on how often their music is played in game.

Our goal is to make Crypto Raiders the biggest crypto-native NFT in the world. Imagine if you created or owned the most popular soundtrack in World of Warcraft? It would be worth millions

So without further ado, we’re excited to announce our...

Genesis Crypto Raiders Soundtrack Event

  • Starting on Sep 15, 2021, musicians and composers will have two weeks to submit their soundtracks, ending on Sep 30, 2021.
  • The community will have one week to listen and vote on their favorite soundtracks.
  • The Top 5 soundtracks will be chosen as our Genesis Crypto Raiders Music.
  • We will auction off the 5 soundtracks and the musicians will receive 75% of the auction revenue generated.
  • Regardless of the ending auction value, we will pay each winner a minimum of $2,500 (if 75% of revenue is not greater than $2,500).

On top of that fee, the owner of the NFT and the composer will receive regular $AURUM rewards based on how often that song is played in our game.

We are very excited to continue to push the envelope on what a community owned gaming ecosystem truly looks like.

And we’re just getting started!