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Crypto Raiders Newsletter 6/6

Crypto Raiders Newsletter 6/6

Game News

  • Our team is hard at work on our July 1st content release that includes Unity launch, class trees and abilities, live PvP, and 8 new dungeons!
The Unity Character Selection Screen
Endless dungeon buff selection screen

  • Permadeath tournament is back! We are going to host our next permadeath tournament on June 25th, with a base prize pool of 150,000 $AURUM with 50% of all entry fees going to the prize pool. You can sign up for the permadeath tournament through this google form.
Who will be crowned the victor of this month's permadeath tournament? The top raider will receive this special edition background!

Community News

  • Lang1y will be hosting a community game night, playing Among Us and other games this Saturday, 6/11 at 8 PM EST!
  • The Council of Elders podcast returns this Thursday, 6/9 at 8 PM EST with hosts Kix and Lang1y.
  • Kenthecaptain, our Director of Art, did a rare interview with Lang1y at the CR work retreat that was just published to YouTube.

Twitter Followers: 29,033 (1% decrease)

Discord Members: 21,283 (1% decrease)

Economic News

  • We partnered with Umbria Network, one of the fastest and cheapest bridges, to help users easily bridge ETH, MATIC, and other currencies directly on our website!  https://www.cryptoraiders.gg/bridge
  • There is currently $3.4 million dollars in the solo $RAIDER staking pool, and $3 million dollars in the 4 liquidity pools.

Unique Holders Raiders: 5,673 (1% increase)

Unique Holders MOBS: 1601 (No change)

Unique Holders Mounts: 512  (2% decrease)

Unique Holders $AURUM: 4,479 (1% increase)

Unique Holders $RAIDER: 5,134 (1% increase)

Floor Price Raiders: .0094 ETH (21% decrease)

Floor Price Gen 1 Raiders: .049 ETH (11% decrease)

Floor Price MOBS: .018 ETH (48% decrease)

Floor Price Mounts: .05 ETH (25% increase)

Current price $AURUM: $0.0048 (12% decrease)

Current price $RAIDER: $0.37 (29% decrease)

7 day Volume Raiders: 3.87 ETH (7% increase)

7 day Volume MOBS: 1.03 ETH (61% increase)

7 day Volume Mounts: 0.55 ETH (25% increase)