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Crypto Raiders Weekly Newsletter 1/24

Crypto Raiders Weekly Newsletter 1/24

Game News

  • Guilds will be launching this week! More details coming on the new feature with the release notes.
  • There is roughly one week left in the testing phase of the new stat rollout. At the conclusion of the testing phase, there will be another stat reset on all Raiders.
  • Mount Utility is launching this week in the DeFi Questing game! Mounts will increase the walking speed of a Raider.

- Normal Walking Speed: 100

- Normal Mount: 150

- Epic Mount: 250

  • We pushed a fix to the Econ Site to ensure that gas estimations are calculated correctly without requiring manual adjustment to have transactions cleared quickly.

Community News

  • We will be hosting a Fan Art Contest this week! To enter, create an artwork displaying your favorite Raider in a dungeon/raid setting and submit to this Google Form. On 1/31, we will put the top entries up for a community vote to decide the winners. Prizes will be:

- 1st Place: Gen 1 Orc

- 2nd Place: Gen 2 Orc

- 3rd Place: Gen 3 Orc

- 4th Place: Gen 4 Orc

  • Our January Invitational Tournament will be hosted on 1/29 at 12PM CST with a 300,000 $AURUM prize pool! The top 8 finishers will also receive an invite to a special event competition coming up next month.

Twitter Followers: 22353 (11% increase)

Discord Members: 18071 (2% increase)

Economic News

  • $RAIDER and $AURUM both continued in a pullback in another tough week for crypto markets, sitting at $3.97 and $.0307 respectively.
  • There is currently $37.8 million locked in the $RAIDER staking pool and $19 million locked in the four liquidity pools.
  • There are nearly 1,500 new holders of Crypto Raiders Characters since Open Recruitment began two weeks ago!

Unique Holders Raiders: 3694 (20% increase)

Unique Holders MOBS: 1534 (1% increase)

Unique Holders Mounts: 1505 (1% decrease )

Unique Holders $AURUM: 2929 (6% increase)

Unique Holders $RAIDER: 2879 (1% increase)

Floor Price Raiders: .117 ETH (38% increase)

Floor Price Gen 1 Raiders: .379 ETH (17% decrease)

Floor Price MOBS: .19 ETH (35% decrease)

Current price $AURUM: $0.0307 (13% decrease)

Current price $RAIDER: $3.97 (12% decrease)

7 day Volume Raiders: 137.38 ETH (44% decrease)

7 day Volume MOBS: 56.6 ETH (53% decrease)

7 day Volume Mounts: 25.36 ETH (9% increase)