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Crypto Raiders Weekly Newsletter 11/1/21

Crypto Raiders Weekly Newsletter 11/1/21

Game News

  • Gen 3 recruiting event is now live! The Drunken Fairy will be open until 11/12, so get in your recruits before it closes. Recruiting fees have been adjusted to 3000 $AURUM for a Gen 1 character and 3500  $AURUM for a Gen 2
  • Heroic Jack the Carver is dropping two additional rare limited edition items, so get your runs in before the event closes on 11/6!
  • The L1/L2 bridge will soon be removed from the website, so if you have any characters remaining on L1, please transfer them over ASAP!
  • We finally got rid of our original website and launched a brand new one! Check out our completely overhauled site at https://cryptoraiders.xyz/.
  • Results of final round of music voting coming 11/3!

Community Updates

Discord Members: 11097

Twitter Followers: 8752

Economy Updates

  • Over 6050 characters recruited so far in Gen 3 recruiting event
  • $RAIDER price up to $2.06, significantly up since last week at $1.31
  • $AURUM price up to $.029, significantly up since last week at $.022
  • Bank currently has $11.8 million in $RAIDER staked and $7.4 million in the two liquidity pools

Unique Holders Raiders: 1856

Unique Holders MOBS: 1534

Unique Holders $AURUM: 1473

Unique Holders $RAIDER: 1138

Floor Price Raiders: .039

Floor Price MOBS: .055

Current price $AURUM: $.029

Current price $RAIDER: $2.06

7 day Volume Raiders: 67.33 ETH

7 day Volume MOBS: 28.67 ETH