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October Roadmap Update

October Roadmap Update

Hello Raiders!

We have so many moving parts and lots of exciting updates to share, so we wanted to compile everything into one big roadmap update. All dates are tentative and subject to change.

Combat Dungeon Updates

  • Oct 13th - Heroic Hogger and spell/skill item drops.
  • Oct 21st - Design + implement stat changes, new attack animations depending on stat
  • Oct 28th - New dungeon with Minions + Boss

Dev Updates

  • Auction House - Soon
  • Gear NFT - TBD, at least a few weeks
  • Port to Unity - Started this weekend, 2 month project
  • Front End Website Upgrade - 2-3 weeks

Marketing & Event Updates

  • Music Competition voting ends - Oct 15th
  • Lore animation rollout - Mid/Late October
  • Merch Shop - Early November
  • Bestiary Website - One week after Ken is done with MOBS art
  • Influencer Marketing on Youtube + TikTok - Late October

New Event Updates

  • Special Halloween Event (courtesy of Ken)
  • Gen 3 Recruitment Event - Late October - Early November
  • Guilds - Mid November
  • Fishing - December

Buckle up! It's going to be a busy Q4 2021.