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Recruitment Gen 3

It’s time to grow our Raiders tribe yet again.

Thursday, October 28th, we will be reopening the Drunken Fairy for another recruiting event. Everyone with a Crypto Raider will be able to spend some $AURUM to recruit a new Raider to play with, send to a friend, or sell on the market.

How to Recruit Your New Raider

The recruitment event will start on Thursday, October 28th, and will last for two weeks:

  1. Everyone with a Raider can recruit a new Gen 3 Raider
  2. Base price to recruit will be 5,000 $AURUM for Gen 2 Raiders, 4,500 $AURUM for Gen 1 Raiders
  3. We'll use similar recruiting weights as last time

If you don’t have a Raider yet, you can get one on our verified OpenSea collection.

Need more $AURUM? You can purchase it on SushiSwap on Polygon.

Once we announce that recruitment is live, you’ll be able to visit play.cryptoraiders.xyz, and you’ll see a new tab for Recruitment!

Navigate over, and you can choose any Raider to recruit with. Remember: the rarer the Raider you use, the rarer the Raider you're likely to get.

You can see all of your odds depending on what you recruit with here:

How will Generation 3 Raiders work?

As you just learned, Gen 1 Raiders receive a 10% discount on Gen 3 Raiders. For Gen 4 Recruitment, both Gen 1 and Gen 2 raiders will receive discounts. Generation 3 will not.

We are pricing Gen 3 Raiders substantially cheaper than Gen 2. Therefore, we will start Gen 3 Raiders at the bottom of the curve of rewards, and they will be bumped up the rewards curve as new recruitment events are launched. Over time, Gen 3 raiders will continue to move up the curve and receive more benefits and higher p2e rewards.

An additional change in rarity will also occur as Gen 3 Raiders are introduced. The Fairy’s rarity will now be weighted somewhere between the original rare Raiders (i.e. Skeleton, Cyborg, and Dark Elf) and Orcs.

Benefits for $RAIDER Stakers

When we announced our token launch, we mentioned that anyone who staked $RAIDER on the Crypto Raiders Bank would receive 50% of all $AURUM spent in the game.

As more and more $AURUM spend activities are introduced into the ecosystem, like this recruitment event, the daily $AURUM emissions will continue to increase. If you want to purchase $RAIDER tokens to stake in the bank, you can also do that on SushiSwap on Polygon.