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Power Level Event Progress Update 2

Power Level Event Progress Update 2

The Children’s Cries and Guardian’s Lair

A couple of days and a WENsday have passed since the last Power Level Event update, and contestants have certainly not been sitting idly. Therefore, an update on the state of the PLE is in order!

It didn’t take contestants long before they started Children’s Cries from Act I. This dungeon has some really good INT and AGI drops, and these are the stats most people went for in the early game.

Beegee's Flora Orb and Bash Runes

Beegee had a great start in Children’s Cries, starting his runs there with both a Flora Orb and a Bash. Something says he wasn’t stuck listening to those children cry for too long.

With only 200 Keys and a dream, the pressure to get a rune and high-quality weapon is high. Kennabear finished off her Children’s Cries runs without getting a rune, but she’s not alone. Many other Raiders will be dying alongside her.

BingoBango's unfortunate double Stone Skin pull

Maybe a rune isn’t all it’s made out to be. Bingobango probably would have preferred some potentially good gear loot over his two unusable Stone Skins.

Yagami Joestar's The Bee's Knees

Shortly after those excuses for drops, Yagami Joestar got the first Children’s Cries epic of the tournament: The Bee’s Knees. Some people called it “wasted luck,” others called it a good boost in the leveling process. Time will tell who was right!

Moving on to Krok, Bingobango’s first run gave him this beauty.

This was followed shortly by DanK getting an insane amount of AGI on a bloodstained pistol.

EPETE took the icing on the cake, however, after scoring this INT Krok Jaw–the first epic found in the Guardian’s Lair.

Being ilvl 9 and having a good roll on INT and CHRM, this could very well end up in EPETE’s final build!

The Endgame

After the Krok, there are three more dungeons, and these are considered the end game dungeons. Every good drop counts and, at this stage, has a chance of making it into the final build.

Bingobango honored his Raider’s name by getting a Poncho of the Dead and a Grass Blade, both with very high agility rolls. The only thing missing was a usable rune, but 10 minutes later, he got what he was hoping for: Bash—simply bashing, mate!

Sewer was less lucky with the rolls on his epic, secretly hoping a wisdom buff would occur before the tournament. But, unfortunately, a wise man once said, “I don’t make for a great fighter.”

Shortly after, he did get a second epic! I think he won't mind the bad rolls on the first one now.

There isn’t much time left for good weapons with decent rolls. Many contestants think their fate is sealed, but there may be some epic rings lurking in the Endless Dungeon. And hopefully, the current top Raiders aren’t getting too cocky. The tides turn quickly in Airium.

The Tournament

After several days of leveling and grinding out their Raiders, the pinnacle of the Power Level Event is near. It’s time to see who is the epitome of epic RNG, the cream of the crop, the most radical Raider. It’s time to Duel!

This Saturday, March 19th, at 5:00 PM CST, Power Levelers will gather together to see who can die the fastest or live the longest. Streaming the event will be Lang1y and Friz of Soul, providing live interviews, commentary, giveaways, and more on Twitch.

Give the Crypto Raiders Twitch channel a follow in advance, so it’s ready to go when the tournament is live.

There will be Gen 2 giveaways and POAPs, as well, so be sure to tune in and participate for prizes!

This is a momentous occasion–the first 63 Raiders to die…permanently. Celebrate the life and death of these glorious Raiders with us this weekend at 5:00 PM CST!

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