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Power Level Event Progress Update

Power Level Event Progress Update

Early Game–Back to the Start

The first day of the Power Level Event has passed, and it’s time for a progress update on the participants!

Zeeeee sums up everyone’s feelings perfectly when logging into the unique PLE account for the first time.

Body chills aside, these Raiders were cold. Sewer monke went straight for some clothes to warm up and came up with a flashy Jeweled Garb. It then only took a few minutes for Batuhan to get the first Rosewood weapon of the tournament.

The Rosewood Whip (+2 agility, +6 strength, +3 wisdom, +3 charm) gave Batuhan everything he needed to move on to Hogger, which was a nice early game boost!

BingoBango's Starting Weapon

On the flip side of the coin, Bingobango received quite possibly the worst starting weapon known to Airium. Maybe he shouldn’t have named his Raider “Wielder of OP Items” after receiving these low-rolls.

While Sewer monke rolled out of the sewer with a Jeweled Garb and Batuhan got a nice Rosewood Whip, Mashonato says his “luck all used up for sure” after getting a Rosewood and a Jeweled Garb in his first two runs.

Mashonato would be a great contestant in some Max Level 3 Tournaments, and there are some Level 3 Tournaments this Sunday…too bad PLE participants can’t compete with these Raiders.

Hogger’s Revenge

After Memento and Glimmer, it was time for participants to face their first real challenge: Hogger. Readymade was maybe a bit overexcited when claiming the “first spell rune drop,” but jokes aside, it will likely serve him well to power level until the gear grind phase.

Nikolai promptly showed Readymade up with Enflame—often considered the best rune in the game. It’s useable with any build, just like Bash, but it gives that little bit of extra damage with the burn aftereffect.

Meanwhile, Mashonato got the first Ice Barrier. That’s a powerful rune as well, but it forces you to roll intelligence. Hopefully, Mashonato still has a little good RNG leftover and finds some quality intelligence items on his journey!

AllSoles' PLE Raider

AllSoles Leprechaun (named before his RNG) had some good luck, as well, receiving two rare Hogger items. And to top things off, Sunforger, the low-level master, came out with a topnotch Blade of the Beast drop–22 strength early on is a free pass for a good leveling experience.

Sunforger's epic BotB drop!

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The Power Level Event started off with a bang. Many of the participants leveled all the way through, but that’s an update for another time. Grab a Raider on OpenSea to experience the grind, and join the Crypto Raiders Discord to receive notifications of future updates and more Duels Tournaments features!