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Crypto Raiders Weekly Newsletter 12/6

Crypto Raiders Weekly Newsletter 12/6

Game News

  • All MOBS art has been completed minus uniques, expect a reveal on those sometime this week.
  • The $AURUM bridge has been completed and is expected to launch on the WENsday update!
  • Next week, 12/15 we will launch our limited edition Christmas themed dungeon, featuring special loot and rotating bosses.

Community News

  • We are proud to formally announce the Duels Alpha Invitational Tournament, being hosted on December 19th! You will need to place in a qualifier to be eligible for entry in the Invitational that will have a $10,000 USD prize pool. You can read up on all the details here.
  • We are looking for facilitators and hosts to help with Duels tournaments! If interested, contact Ruygye in Discord.

Discord members: 13966

Twitter followers: 10809

Economy News

  • We launched a new liquidity pool at the Raider Bank, RAIDER/WETH! This new pool splits the rewards from the former RAIDER/MATIC pool evenly between the two. LP tokens are available for purchase here and can be staked here.
  • $RAIDER price up to $2.10
  • $AURUM price even week over week at $.027
  • Bank has $17.2 million $RAIDER staked, and $10.6 million staked in the four liquidity pools.

Unique Holders Raiders: 2250

Unique Holders MOBS: 1532

Unique Holders $AURUM: 1724

Unique Holders $RAIDER: 1290

Floor Price Raiders: .044 ETH

Floor Price Gen 1 Raiders: .125 ETH

Floor Price MOBS: .057 ETH

Current price $AURUM: $0.027

Current price $RAIDER: $2.10

7 day Volume Raiders: 15.99 ETH

7 day Volume MOBS: 6.56 ETH